Promoting the value and dignity of persons with Trisomy 21.


Perhaps you are just hearing the news for the first time that your child has or will be born with Down Syndrome/Trisomy 21…

down_syndrome_handI remember coming to that same “bump” in the road when we first knew our 6th child was born with Down Syndrome. We wondered if her arrival would have a “rippling effect” on the future our family was envisioning. To some degree, of course it has…. but so has every other child in our home.  We go to track events or dance performances or theater productions.  We dream big dreams alongside our college bound kids or those involved in ministry opportunities – or those in the work force.  Havilah’s place will be just as unique. But I remember weeping…wondering, what tomorrow will hold for her…for us. So this portion is for you – for all the new families to pioneer (one that goes before to remove obstructions or prepare the way for another) alongside us! Welcome to this unexpected journey – may you find it to be an exceptional one!

With love and blessings,

Adrienne Walsh

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