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Hearing Him

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Hearing Him

Christmas is here! For the first time in forever – we have our lights and tree up by December 1!  Hooray! With the kids grown, though, I can only go to the Toy section to shop for Operation Christmas Child OR our soon-to-be granddaughter expected in March!  We still do an Advent Calendar, opening each door, one day at a time, waiting for Christmas to finally arrive!  Although I enjoy Elf and Home Alone to stir some Christmas Cheer – “His” Story is still the one nearest my heart. One Father, One Son – an earthly Mom and an earthly Dad with a plan to bring Peace to all nations.  Immanuel – translated – “God with us.”  Jesus – “for He will save His people from their sins.” (Luke 1: 21-23).  One man – saving people from sins – a novel concept in a world that required blood sacrifices for atonement – mutilations – ritual,repetitive “prayers”, etc.  Has the world really changed that much?  The plan seemed simple enough – accept His love and saving grace – Heaven’s gates open wide for you….  The final sacrifice, there on the cross. Mary yet unaware of the sorrow that would one day tear at her heart — as joy-filled she held this new life to her breast.  Just an ordinary girl…

Max Lucado says this about being a Christian…. “In essence Christianity is nothing more and nothing less than a desire and an effort to see Jesus!… trying to glimpse a man – not a religious doctrine.” Peter (the fisherman turned apostle) says that they were “eyewitnesses of His majesty”!   Oh to glimpse Him…

One Sunday morning, Havilah ran into the room – “Mom, that’s my dream I had last night! This song, #5 – it was my dream!” I asked her to tell me about her dream and wrote as she did…the following is an excerpt from that dream:


She was there at the cross and it was dark. She was there by herself. An angel came and brought her up to heaven and asked her to sign God’s wing. She did. A lot of angels came around her, then God came up and said, “Did you sign my wing?” She said, “Yes, I did!” (Exodus 19: 4.. talking to the children of Israel .’I bore you on eagles’ wings and brought you to Myself.) He told her how He fights the devil for her. Later, He got a little closer to her and whispered, “I will never leave your side. I am always with you. … Keep listening to that love song, I am there with you!  – and that thunder and lightening – that’s me –  you’re not to be afraid..,”


She turned to her Dad and I and said – “And now I have 2 Dads – one here, and one always with me!  Oh and that light in her room last night – well, that was when she came back from heaven – the room was so bright!” (And I’m thinking … I SLEPT thru the bright light in her room from when she came back from Heaven’s visit!!) She said when she woke up then, she was kneeling by the side of her bed, with her hands raised and head lifted heavenward!

We went to church that morning – unaware that her cousin received word that one of his friends, a youth worship leader, was killed the night before in a tragic car accident in another state. We shared her dream, then played “Number 5″ on Chris Tomlin’s Hello Love CD. It’s a song about entering Heaven – leaving all sorrow behind -” I will arise…. ”  Heaven brought a message to earth – just an ordinary girl from an earthly Mom and Dad…

Immanuel – God with us….

love and blessings this Christmas and always,


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