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Band of Angels

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Band of Angels

Band of Angels carries a line of T-shirts proclaiming “01 in 800” – the number of children born with Down Syndrome!  Knowing that 90% of our children are aborted before birth – Where are the voices of the other thousands of unborn children with Trisomy 21 to be heard?  The genocide of this population of people, under other circumstances would be an outcry on Oprah or the Today Show!  When did somebody decide that a “syndrome” is not treatable or worthy of further research? When did somebody decide to give medical attention to our children, but the millions raised for research to cure other diseases would never be spent finding ways to stop the degeneration of our children’s brains?   Could a Vice-President of the United States have a child with Down Syndrome, and change the tide of this massive genocide? We remain hopeful – and watchful…..

It was timely that we watched a program about “Large Families”  that had several adopted children with Down Syndrome. It was wonderful to see children in such a loving and caring family! They took trips and looked after each other…. They also showed a boy with Down Syndrome – in a world of his own – non-verbal, moving about – but in great contrast to a video of him reading flashcards at a very young age!  I turned to my husband and said, “If that ever happened to Havilah – a part of me would just die…”  Shortly after the program, we attended the premier of Changing A Mind from the Changing Minds Foundation. (  It was a night that turned the sky black like midnight tho’ only 7PM – rains poured, thunder roared – and it was evident our families are made of true grit, packing the theatre to capacity!  The film included a documentation of  a  24 yr.old young woman that had gone from being fully included in her school settings to being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Her mother, in tears,  described it as – “We lost her….we just lost her….”  When her daughter was placed on the protocol, this young woman had “returned” to being socially appropriate again, no longer talking to empty spaces, and was riding her bike again, enjoying life!  It was a remarkable transformation and Mom was happy to have her daughter back!

Having a child with special needs, families often grieve the loss of the child that they thought they would receive…. But we didn’t know – We may have been fearful…timid … angry…confused.   We didn’t know we would grow to treasure this little one placed in our care. They are ours – we are theirs – and that’s that!  But the thought that we could “loose” our child a second time – because the degenerative brain robs them of proper functioning – seems unbearable.  Dr. Teresa Cody and The Stanford Down Syndrome Research Center believe they have found a Protocol to “change a mind” in individuals with Down Syndrome. I hope it’s a door to change the course of history!

Why am I so interested in this program? ‘Cause I’m a Mom and I don’t want to “loose” this precious one while she is still here among us… Heaven will call us each home one day – but until then, she’s our treasure here…

love and blessings,


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