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Hurricane Ike

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Hurricane Ike

We watched the news as long as we could, before turning in for the night when Hurricane Ike arrived in Texas.  Days before, charting Ike’s course – not knowing where it will hit – but certain it would hit somewhere on the Gulf.  “Only” a catagory 2 – maybe 3 hurricane, we decided to stay put, as it would only be the winds we’d have to deal with – and not the flooding.  The winds howled through the night and Havilah, who felt sure we should have left before the storm, managed to sleep on a mattress we set in our hallway.  At dawn, the yard was covered in patches of sticks and leaves, and the top halves of 3 of our large trees. A few shingles needed to be replaced – and water spots to cover in our kitchen ceiling – but no structural damage.

I have met families that have lost considerably more –  3 cars crushed with one tree – a vacation home in Galveston – a rental home of a retiree was swept away in Bolivar Penisula …. Power for some – recently restored – dependent on the ice and water trucks to keep the day’s supply of food from perishing…

But I’ve also seen granddaughters spending time with their Grandmothers while school was still out –  Entergy employees pulling a trailer out of the sand so a retiree hasn’t quite lost all …  kids away in college getting a few home cooked meals while families take unexpected “vacations” waiting for power to be turned on   …. neighbors helping neighbors because that’s what ya do – you come alongside one another and ease the journey…..

The storm passes… flowers bloom again.

An expectant friend of ours has just received the news that her child has a rare Trisomy. (not 21)  There is only a 50% chance she will carry the baby to term, and less chance the baby will live a year…. Their second child, they waited to have children, and may not have a third.  Her face showed the ache in her mother’s heart… and the storm that was just starting to brew…  With everything in me, i wanted to stop this “hurricane” for her.. Words of comfort, care seemed to fall to the ground – “i’m so sorry” – “doctors don’t have the last say …. we’ll be praying for you and the baby..” – “cherish the time you have with your baby boy now..” – “you are young – maybe another child” – “have you considered adoption”….  and i wanted to hug her and cry with her as i am for her now…

But the storm seems certain to come…

If she could see with Havilah’s eyes – she’d know it will be OK.  After Ike rolled through, she shared a dream with us.  She saw two storm clouds up in the sky. When they came together, they made “God’s face”.  She was going to be OK in the storms, (have i mentioned she does not like thunderstorms?) – God was there!

Someone told me that Ike was a shortened version of “Isaac” – which means laughter …He promises in Psalm 31:10 “Weeping my endure for a night, But joy comes in the morning.”

You are not alone. Morning will come – And you’ll be able to see the blooms with their vibrant colors again…

love and blessings,


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