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School is Back

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School is Back

School is back and all the cute ways that teachers attempt to get to know their students… Havilah was asked to label seven events of her life and put it on a timeline. With a start from school that included her birth and the most recent news that she would soon be an aunt – her homework was to find 5 more events. When I attempted to draw events out of her – she could only come up with recent events – like “I spent the night at my cousins.” – or “I went to my sister’s apartment in San Marcos.”  Still trying to inspire her to remember earlier times in her life, I thought if she watched a video her brother created celebrating her life, it would trigger an “event.” We watched it together (watch it here) – smiling in spots – and her eye on me to see if it would bring a tear to my eye – which it did! Finally, I asked her if she thought of anything else we could add to the timeline telling about her life.  She said, “Oh Yeah – remember the time Sam made a movie about me!”  I smiled and then gave her specific events we did together as a family  and a few of her accomplishments – including heart surgery!

I love her for so many reasons – but the fact that she lives in the here and now is just one of them! In Hebrews 12:1 …”let us run with endurance (continuance-holding on in a course, to bear without yielding)  the race that is set before us…”  After watching the runners in the Olympics – looking forward seemed to be the best plan of action – looking backwards would have cost them the race- slowed them down – lost the focus of the finish.  I could tell you of MANY times that Havilah asks, “So what are we doing tonight/ tomorrow…?” – but never do I recall her asking. “What did we do yesterday?”  Thankfully we are past the age where she literally RAN away!.. ahead!  among! along! alone! – but take heart – that phase will soon pass for you and your child! Like any pre-teen and teenager, she still likes to be “unyielding” sometimes. However,  she’s learned that we, as parents, are MORE “unyielding” and life goes a little smoother the faster she realizes our will is even stronger than hers! :)  Like all children, her heart is tender, but her will likes to “test the waters” from time to time – like not turning off the TV when it’s time to leave. (Her consequence is that she sits in the back seat instead of up front as we leave to our destination…) I’ve noticed recently that I’ve fallen into the trap of using “snack” to motivate her compliance, but hope to return to a consequence related to the “misdeed” as we work to assure proper social behavior.  And when I grow impatient, or raise my voice – or know I was too hard on her – she is quick to forgive me when I ask and all is well again… (as I am quick to forgive her when she asks – usually after I ask if there is anything she would like to tell me…:)  Like heaven, her memory is short with those who have wronged her. She wears her middle name well… “Grace”

May you glimpse heaven  today…

love and blessings,


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