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From my (Father’s) Heart

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While at a meeting, a young mother stood to share how God had healed their daughter of cerebral palsy. As she ran happily into her mother’s arms, I wondered, … ” well, Lord, if you would do this for her, would you do this for our daughter as well?”  It was just a passing thought…  for we know already that Havilah is a “precious one”, and our love for her is unquestionable, but I couldn’t help and  wonder, ‘What if….?”  And here my story might end, except that my son shared a story that he had heard of two individuals who were healed of mental retardation! He said that when they questioned one of the young people, recently healed, about what it was like before, they said it was like “living in a cloud.”

So, with my creative thoughts, I  tried to imagine what would it be like for Havilah to be healed.  No more problems with her weight – a heart fully restored – 2 chromosomes on #21 instead of 3 – she could read on a 7th grade level, learn level math problems – she would include all the little pronouns and articles she tends to leave off  when speaking.And she would remember who was a “her”, and who was a “him”. When, Where, What, Ask and Tell would have their proper meaning. (I’m smiling as I write these things!) Perhaps she wouldn’t tell the same stories about things that have happened over and over again!  She could better understand the “no” part of “no”, and not ask for something more than once. We wouldn’t be going back to the orthodontist to find a way to make space in her tiny upper mouth, pulling out the baby teeth that are perfectly happy still being there!  When peers come to play, they wouldn’t say, “… kids at school make fun of Havilah, but I tell them to stop!”  I am thankful for her friends. I thought of all these things – and more – of driving license, freedoms to choose  whatever she wanted to do with her special gifts – of weddings and grandchildren… of a transformed mind and the body she will one day possess in heaven. Imagine if it was here on earth – now, completely whole!  Honestly, haven’t you ever wondered….?

Well, if I told you that there was this gift for your child, would you want to see what it is? If I knew of a gift, and didn’t tell you, would you be disappointed that I didn’t?  As families, we share information that we believe will benefit each other. There have been so many phone calls and emails inquiring about the state funding for our children – we will probably run those contacts several times a year now, in the newsletter.  – Getting back to the “Gift” — Psalm 77:13 & 14 states, ” Who is so great a God as our God? You are the God who does wonders…”  Noah Webster says wonder is …”that emotion excited by the presentation to the sight or mind, of something new, unusual, strange, great, extraordinary, or not well understood – INEXPLICABLE!

At a church called “Morning Star”, Prophetic words (words God speaks to people through people) were given for 2007. Bob Jones (he’s been to heaven and back a few times!) and Robin McMillan were sharing these words during a service. They stated that there would be “hidden things, and surprises this year.” Included in those “surprises” was “.. a release of miracle healing power for Down Syndrome children … to heal people with Down Syndrome… Let’s believe God for these great people!”  WOW!!!!  Imagine what a wonder that would be!

Would you like to hear this for yourself?  If you go to, @ the banner at the top, click on VIDEOS tab. In search field, type in BobJones2007. “Prophetic words for 2007” will pop up. Click to view the service. The specific words for our children are about 2/3 into the message…

In I Samuel 16:7 – The Lord reminds us, “… for the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”  So, the God who looks at the heart, sees the heart of our children, and their parents, too, and says, “See, I have this gift for you… I know all,  and I’m a God of wonders – and I’m not finished yet…!  Is anything too difficult for Me?  Only believe. If you believe this child is my gift to you, will you not also believe I have more for you as well?”

Tonight, Havilah will probably pray again …..”And God, send your angels to sing to me again, and when morning comes, they can stop.” (I’ve never told her to pray this way -)  Psalm 42:8 – “The Lord will command His lovingkindness in the daytime, And in the night His song shall be with me….”     And I will thank Him for His wonderful ways! I love you.

from my heart,


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