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In her 14 years of life, our daughter has brought to us –


1 surprise beginning!
2 calls to 911 when we thought she ran down the street. (1.she fell asleep behind a couch and 2. she hid behind a sheet drying on the line!)
3 years old when she began therapeutic horseback riding – and still is!
4 talents discovered so far – swimming, dance, piano, and choir!
5 years in public education/ 4 years homeschooling… will there be more?
6 siblings, including our son-in-law, with more compassion than they would have had without you in their world!
7 years in Girl Scouts – friendships, puppets, camps, Bronze Award, S.P.U.R.S., Studio 2B, badges, crafts and baking!
8 trips across this continent… California, Yosemite, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Massachusetts, New York City, Cozumel, Florida… and more to come..
9 times everyday you ask, “What are we doing next? What are we doing tomorrow? What are we doing tonight? after school? on Friday?…”
10 years before you needed open heart surgery, tho’ our hearts were transformed by you many years ago… who knew?
11 miles you’ve probably ridden on your 2 wheeled bicycle …. even tho’ for 9 months I’ve asked you if you would like to go for a bike ride with me?
12 months, year after year, — kindness, challenges, jr. high worries, hugs, movie nights out, help in the kitchen, knock knock jokes, inspiration, whispers to heaven, proud-of-you moments, did I mention hugs?, and love undeserved.

This was inspired by an article about a book Where’s Molly? or Finding Molly, written by a brother who lost his sister in the 50’s to an institution. During that time in America, nearly 60,000 children under the age of 14 were sent to institutions due to physical or mental disabilities! Today, according to the article, only 164 are in institutions! (With the new pre-natal screenings we could only hope thousands weren’t aborted!) I wish that I could give back the years he and his family lost not knowing Molly, but he has found her, and they are together again. If his courage was measured by the smile on her face in the picture – then he has more courage than the Lion from OZ!
Count your blessings one by one, and then count them for someone else, too. We don’t always understand what challenges other families face, but we are here together for the journey… Every life valuable. Every life counts!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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